Accredited Horse Riding Lessons


Yara Balba Stables has a small number of riding horses ranging in size, from 10.2 hand ‘Dubbo’ the Shetland Pony through to 16.1 hand “Sebastian”, our gorgeous Fresian, or “Sam” the friendly Thoroughbred.  We run regular accredited programmed, riding lessons at our boutique equestrian facilities in Mandalong (just off the M1 Freeway near Morisset NSW). After School riding lessons run weekly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays* and Fridays*, and some Saturdays. We also hold occasional specialist clinics and riding activities on some weekends. (*Seasonal and depending on numbers)

Proudly, Yara Balba Stables is also a Nationally Accredited Delivery Centre for the combined Equestrian Australia, Australian Sports Commission and PCANSW “Ready Set Trot”  and “Trot Canter Gallop” innovative learn to ride programs. For more info, go to  or

All lessons follow public school term dates, with 4 terms per year- Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. Riders must book in for a full term of lessons at the start of each term. Limited numbers and horses are available. Lessons run for 75 minutes and always include tacking/ un-tacking/ grooming the horse/pony, with our focus on positive learning experiences. Lessons run for around 75 minutes, plus set-up, tacking etc.
For information about current fees please contact us by email or phone.

Yara Balba Stables has a current complement of safe riding horses, catering to all levels, age and size of most riders. All students are encouraged to join the Accredited Programs, which can keep riders engaged for years! Adults are also welcome to join in via the “Trot Canter Gallop” open program.  Our new covered arena caters to social riding groups as well (see Equestrian Facilities)

As an Accredited Delivery Centre, Yara Balba Stables runs the ‘Ready Set Trot’ learn to ride and “Trot Canter Gallop” programs throughout the year and during some school holidays. Ready Set Trot (RST) programs run across 4 levels (Green- Beginner, Yellow, Red, Blue). Trot Canter Gallop TCG is an open aged program designed for riders 12yrs + wishing to start, refresh skills or advance in their riding. RST & TCG are integrated within our riding lesson program. Our Instructors are NCAS (Level 1 General) Equestrian Australia qualified and PCANSW (Level 1 & Preliminary) accredited, with training qualifications in Working Equitation, Jumping Equitation, plus skills in Dressage, Flat Work, Sporting, simple Harness Driving, Trails and more.

PLEASE NOTE: Age and Weight restrictions apply to all riders. 


Yara Balba Stables has a covered arena and stable complex, with viewing deck for spectators. This riding and teaching complex were opened in December 2015 and complies with current Australian Workplace Health & Safety Standards. Facilities also include a full show-jumping course in an enclosed paddock, 500m trotting track/ track riding course and large flat work areas, 20m x 60m covered arena,  cross country course (under development) and access to quiet, traffic free bush tracks with fabulous views of Lake Macquarie and the Watagan Mountains.


Ready Set Trot Poster 


Young riders on Apollo and Huckleberry

Riding Level Categories- PLEASE NOTE: Age and Weight restrictions apply.

READY SET TROT – suitable for up to 12 years of age*
GREEN –    Ready Set Trot 
= new to riding, walk + trot learning*
YELLOW – Ready Set Trot= can walk, trot independently
RED  –        Ready Set Trot = can walk, trot, some beginning canter
BLUE –       Ready Set Trot = can walk, trot, some canter, basic poles, intro dressage

NOTE: We do not cater for riders generally under the age of 8 years old, however, short 30 minute introductory lessons are available for very young riders.
*Some younger riders in the GREEN classes may need adult/ parent helpers to lead riders in the early stages.
Weight / fitness limitations may apply for horse/ rider combinations

TROT CANTER GALLOP – suitable for riders over 12 years + 
TROT –       Trot Canter Gallop
 = new to riding, walk + trot learning
CANTER –  Trot Canter Gallop = can walk, trot, some canter, basic poles, intro dressage
GALLOP –  Trot Canter Gallop = independently riding, jumping skills, dressage skills, competing
# TROT CANTER GALLOP is open to riders who have their own horse as well.
Weekend and holiday clinics occasionally held, residential stays also available (See Yara Balba Stables Farm Stay).
Check our Facebook site for latest info.

Current Classes
Mondays = By Appointment Only
Tuesdays = CANTER/BLUE
Wednesdays = CANTER/BLUE
*Thursdays =GREEN/ TROT
*Fridays = GREEN/ TROT
*Saturdays = By Appointment Only *When available and running

Term Dates 2019

Summer Term One (10 weeks) from

  1. Tuesday 5 February
  2. Tuesday 12 February
  3. Tuesday 19 February
  4. Tuesday 26 February
  5. Tuesday 5 March
  6. Tuesday 12 March
  7. Tuesday 19 March
  8. Tuesday 26 March
  9. Tuesday 2 April
  10. Tuesday 9 April

Autumn Term Two (10 weeks) from

  1. Tuesday 30 April
  2. Tuesday 7 May
  3. Tuesday 14 May
  4. Tuesday 21 May
  5. Tuesday 28 May
  6. Tuesday 4 June
  7. Tuesday 11 June
  8. Tuesday 18 June
  9. Tuesday 25 June
  10. Tuesday 2 July

Winter Term Three (10 weeks) from

  1. Tuesday 23 July
  2. Tuesday 30 July
  3. Tuesday 6 August
  4. Tuesday 13 August
  5. Tuesday 20 August
  6. Tuesday 27 August
  7. Tuesday 3 September
  8. Tuesday 10 September
  9. Tuesday 17 September
  10. Tuesday 24 September

Spring Term Four (9 weeks) from

    1. Tuesday 15 October
    2. Tuesday 22 October
    3. Tuesday 29 October
    4. Tuesday 5 November
    5. Tuesday 12 November
    6. Tuesday 19 November
    7. Tuesday 26 November
    8. Tuesday 3 December
    9. Tuesday 10 December